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MEGAmeet 2013 200sx.lv annual Meeting !!! (5-6.okt.)

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Official information about event !

Date : 5-6. october

1.Track 333 http://www.333.lv/contacts will reserved from 13:30 - 15:30,
will start to gather from 13:00, around 15:00 we should make annual
picture with all the Nissans together.
Track costs 170ls for both 2 hours. Those who will be drivers will pay money at
the track, but what is important to understand how many people there will be driving. It will aprox
cost 10ls/15eur per driver, thats the money you need to take into consideration.
After picture we gather together for annual road trip to our apartments in the country side. If there
will be less then 15 drivers i guess we will have to cancel second hour, cause otherwise people
will have to pay too much. If there will be 15 drivers is 12ls/17eur per person.

2.The road will take us aprox 100km from track to apartments, but in between i could
suggest to go through these two old castles/palace where we can have a small excursion and
if the weather will allow we could even make some photos.
2.1 The first place i would suggest to visit is Bīrinu Pils. Castle is by the way and
close to the roads. Here is more info about this place http://www.birinupils.lv/en/
Entrance coasts aprox 3eur and 20 eur costs guide who will take us through small excursion in
and around the castle. I have contacted castle and they are ready to meet us, if only there will
be no full reservation made already for castle for this date. In this case they cant accept us most
probably. This will be sure somewhere at the end of September.

2.2. Second option we could check is this beautiful Igates Castle.
here is more info about it : http://www.igatespils.lv/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1&Itemid=2&lang=en
At this castle there is a very nice pub were we could have a meal maybe, before we go to
our final destination and start to consume other things. Entrance is something about 3eur
per person. Ill clarify about prices for food as well little bit later.

These are two beautiful places we could check if we have a time, we are not obliged to see
both of them, but its nice to have options, if one place is closed for us we can always have
second one. Both are very close the roads we are driving, so its all by the way.
We are opened to discuss which one of the castle would you like to see most off course.

3.This is the guest house were we will be staying for the night - http://viesunamiem.lv/en/purmali
Costs is 6ls per person, there is place for 30 people to sleep in beds + if you take with you some sleeping
bag its place for 40 people in here. Sauna will be available as well here. We might take a projector
and put some pictures from older events etc.

This is the plan for all day, next day there is no specific time when we have to leave, its more or less
flexible timing for us. Last year somehow when i woke up i was one of the last one Mr. Green

Here is the map that shows our road trip : https://maps.google.lv/maps?saddr=Unknown+road&daddr=57.0664773,24.3972752+to:Unknown+road+to:Unknown+road+to:Unknown+road&hl=en&ll=57.327263,24.592896&spn=0.604204,1.783905&sll=57.458895,24.680099&sspn=0.075255,0.222988&geocode=FZrhZAMdJYV0AQ%3BFe3DZgMd20V0ASlTI5k7e8ruRjHIdSPfm0uapQ%3BFSiJbAMd7QR4AQ%3BFfx3aQMdG0d4AQ%3BFU-PawMdD7J4AQ&mra=dme&mrsp=2&sz=13&via=1&t=m&z=10

If we talk about money then for track we dont gather money now, those who will want to drive will pay in
place on the same day. It would be nice for us to know how much drivers there could be, so please post
information about you if you want to go inside track.

For excursion i will gather money when we will be in the castle, so no need to pay for this one now.
The money that need to be sent so we could book apartment and buy some food together
would be 9ls (6ls apartments and 3ls meat,vegetables and grill accessories - due to last years experience
with chair...Mr. Green ) Together it is 9ls/14eur if you want to join afterparty.

Here in forum please let us know if you wanna go to track, party or excursion Smile

Money should be sent to this bank account - LV46HABA0551006429804
Kaspars Bernans

In purpose of payment please right your forum name and that this is money for party Smile
For example : Bencik money for MEGAmeets '13 !

This amount of money should be sent till the 08.september so we could see the picture 1 months before
event, those who will pay for party after this date price will be 16eur per person.

For all participants there will be small gift from 200sx.lv Wink

p.s. Those who didnt recieved 200sx gifts from previous year, pm me, i have few left on the table.

We are free to discuss everything concerning event here, just for your knowledge there is no possibility to
change dates,as track is busy for all September and this is the soonest time we can book the track.

Thank you !

More info: http://www.200sx.lv/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6370&start=0

мля.... я опять не в теме :'(

Your all are welcome to join 200sx meet this year as well. Too many people liked andrew s13, you need to come back :)

Pretty sure we will be back, hopefully with more cars this year  :P


--- Цитата: Motary от Сентябрь 12, 2013, 11:15:37 am ---Pretty sure we will be back, hopefully with more cars this year  :P

--- Конец цитаты ---

Thats great news, we are plaaning to start on 13:00 till 15:30, about prices we will get clear on place, this depends how many people will be driving on the track.

 Lithuanians are not very active on this question, but will see :)


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