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200sx.lv Mega Meet 2012

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Ураааа! :jap:


Sveiciens visiem 200sx.lv lietotājiem, atbalstītājiem un citādi domājošajiem!

Šogad ir 10 gadi, kopš eksistē šī vietne! Tāpēc pasākumam ir jābūt īpašam!

I will make this in english so other users out of LV can read this.

Official information about event !

Date : 6-7. october

1.Track 333 http://www.333.lv/contacts will reserved from 12:00 - 14:00, will start to gather from 11:00, around 14:00 should start to put cars together for the big picture. We need to change the record for nissans together in one picture.
 Track costs 95ls per hour, first hour is on 200sx.lv, but for the next one we need to gather those 95ls. Those who will be drivers will pay money at the track, then we will know aprox how much drivers there will be, anyway this amount of money shouldnt be very big.
2.After track next stop will be Ligatnes Secret Soviet Union Bunker - http://www.bunkurs.lv/pages/ This is 70km from track.
 We have to be here on 16:00, excursion will be around 1.5h, + in the price is included meal like it was in those days. All this together will cost 4.3 ls
3.Road from bunker to place where we will stay for night will go through Turaida and Sigulda, that has beautiful views, here we should stop and make some nice pictures as well if weather will allow. This should start around 18:00.
 Here is the map where you all can see our road -

4.This is the guest house were we will be staying for the night - http://viesunamiem.lv/en/purmali. Costs is 6ls per person, there is place for 30 people to sleep in beds + if you take with you some sleeping bag its place for 40 people in here. Sauna will be available as well here. I hope we will have projector so we could watch some old video,pictures etc.
This is the plan for all day, next day there is no specific time when we have to leave, its more or less flexible timing for us.
If we talk about money then for track we dont gather money now, those who will want to drive will pay in place on the same day. It would be nice for us to know how much drivers there could be, so please post information about you if you want to go inside track.
Excursion,guest house + grill meat,vegetables etc.(3ls per person) together will cost 11.30 or aprox 17 eur Ls, this is the money we need to collect untill 05.10.

Money should be sent to this bank account - LV46HABA0551006429804
Kaspars Bernans

In purpose of payment please right your forum name and that this is money for party
For example : Bencik money for megameets '12 !

I do understand then there is only 1 week left, but please take a time and send this money in time, so there wouldnt be any counting of who paid for what in the day of event.
For all participants there will be small gift from 200sx.lv

Thank you !

So here is the list of participants :

Zarcinieks 11.30
2GGsx 11.30
Bencik 11.30
Pinka (Trase)
Kr0nis (Trase)
AndrisB (Trase)
Kristaps A (Trase)
Rodeo (Trase)
Ozols (Trase)

This is the people that has mentioned that they would like to come in last 10 pages.

Ну и чё...КТО?!  8)

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