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Проекты / Projects / Re: 1987 Nissan 200sx s13 SR20DET
« : Май 18, 2015, 09:14:44 am »
Sunday in the garage. There still is shit to be done but it's looking good.

  • Oil cooler for the power steering pump is installed.
  • Replaced some AN lines that somehow were broken ( mystery ).
  • Painted the floor and trunk. Gonna do last lair with plasti dip... hopefully it will be nice.

Also, because the car has been without an insurance more than a year they took it of the registry. It's been a huge ass*uck to get it back in and insured so I can drive it to track and workshops.

Hang loose,

Проекты / Projects / Re: 1987 Nissan 200sx s13 SR20DET
« : Май 11, 2015, 06:17:13 pm »

After a long period of zero motivation I'm back on the build again.

First engine start:

< youtube />

Because there was a little leak we did not go for a run. I should get the AN tubes pretty soon so I'll finish the prep and get to the dyno again.

< youtube />

So, time to gather tires again :)

Hang loose,

Проекты / Projects / 1987 Nissan 200sx s13 SR20DET
« : Июнь 29, 2014, 12:19:02 pm »
Hi all. Some of you know me some don't. I've been in this forum for a while now but never posted my car project. I have a little thread in driftime, but I am not sure I'll be competing in future, so I never updated it.

It all started with a white 200sx about 7 years ago that was rotten all the way. The engine was blasted. But most of you know that when you buy the damn car, it will stick on you like glue.
So here is the white sx. Sold the parts, took what I needed and the rotten part when to the graveyard.

After that I had some offers But really did not want to buy a lego. So Janek's RB powered SX shell came along as Tõnis Kipper bought the RB engine in it. Got it for a very good price with all the R33 brakes and LSD Diff. It had a rollcage in it already and most of the bodywork was done.

So I had the almost blown CA18DET.  But I had invested so much ( as a student and not a regular income) in the project. I thought I have to rebuild the CA. If anyone is in the same place... Don't do it! :D I rebuild it. Was a 2nd stage T28 turbo one. Drove a season in EDC street class. The CA just didn't have the power. So I was on crossroads. Upgrade it or invest into new enine. Looked up some LS1's and SR's. Had a nice offer for 1JZ. But ended up with Kuzmin's SR20DET. Also the EDC season was not were good to the body aswell. Saved buy the rollcage but I rolled over in laitse and hit some cans in Rapla. Basically had to repair whole body. Maybe buying a new shell would have been even cheaper, but I'm stubborn like that.

So today the car stands like this:
Engine - SR20DET
Wiseco pistons
Eagle rods
ACL bearings
Greddy Head Gasket (1.2mm)
Megan racing lightweight pulley set
Tomei Expreme exhaust manifold
Pulsar GTI-R Turbo
Mallroy fuel regulator
Intercooler  (made in People's Republic of China)
KOYORAD Koyo aluminium racing radiator
Custom 3'' exhaust pipe
Simons 3'' JDM muffler
JAZ fuel cell
MSD High pressure electric fuel pump

Lexani back and triangle side windows
Skyline R33 5 Lug Wheel Hub Conversion Set sadulad + brembo pidurid
Skyline R33 Brake Calipers
Skyline R33 driveshaft
Skyline R33 LSD 4:1 Differential
Lowering springs( need to buy coilovers)
Subframe inserts poly aluminium

Rota GRID 17''
Rota Slipstreams 15''
BBS RG 17''

6 Point Rollcage
Momo Steeringwheel Team 280mm
2x SCHROTH Clubman II-6 seatbelts
Recaro SPG racing seat
Sparco Sprint V racing seat
Hydraulic E- brake (Made in People's Republic of China)
HDI-SBC-D Boostcontroller
Some of the stuff I may have forgotten but it's mainly there.

Right now the cars engine has some problems but I hope to have it done in a month or so. Hopefully I can hit the tracks this summer. I'm not sure I will compete in the drift series anymore, as the structure of EDA is really weak and rules are made too strict. Time will tell. See you all on trackdays :)

Hang loose,

olemas. Got it.

Im looking for the passanger side triangle shaped window and the trims on the same side door.

If anyone has for spear I would buy them.


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